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Michael J. Lee, PE, LEED AP

Michael joined Reese Engineering at its founding in 1995.  Today he has a focus on project management and electrical engineering production.  Throughout his career, Michael has been extensively involved in the design of electrical (low and medium voltage) distribution, lighting, telecommunications systems, and low voltage systems.

Get To Know

Burlington, Vermont

I root for:
Every Penn State team and the Boston Red Sox.

Family tradition:
Split pea soup and hot pastrami sandwiches on Christmas Eve.

First job:
Delivering newspapers at 5 a.m. in Burlington, VT.  I challenged myself to do my route faster every day, and that’s when I started running.

When not working, I’m:
Running, preferably outdoors, or driving my kids to their activities.

What I love about my job:
The team we’ve put together.


Bachelor of Architectural Engineering, Penn State University, 1990

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