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September 2008

Hung Out Too Dry? Humidify!

The average American spends up to 85% of each day indoors. Whether at home, work, or school, our spending the majority of our time inside places tremendous importance on maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. Consequently, building heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems must be designed to promote occupant health and comfort. Several factors can influence occupant comfort levels including temperature, humidity, air speed, clothing level, and metabolic rate. While temperature tends to be the most obvious factor, humidity also plays a major role in determining the perception of an environment. The saying that ‘you can’t please everyone all of the... Read More

A Light Source of a Different Color

Most of us have heard the story of a football team painting the visitors’ locker room pink to calm the other team down before they take the field. Studies have shown that color can indeed have an effect, significant at times, on the way a person feels in a space and their overall mood. More specifically, red can invoke feelings of high energy and passion, yellow can increase levels of optimism, blue has a tendency to calm, and orange can bring out one’s nurturing side. Since color is actually just a certain wavelength of light that is reflected from a... Read More